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Cabinet Jar Lid and Bottle Opener

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Don’t waste any more precious moments trying to open jars - open that lid in a snap and start cooking!

DECLUTTER YOUR KITCHEN AND SAVE SPACE - This jar lid opener will always be right where you need it without cluttering your countertops, drawers or taking up much-needed storage space. Just mount it under your cabinet and you will never misplace this kitchen gadget! Install it on your most convenient spot and you will never have trouble opening jars again.


PERFECT FOR ARTHRITIS & WEAK HANDS - No need to strain yourself to open a jar of pickles, jam or jelly. This is a practical and easy jar opening solution for those with a weak grip, arthritis, and joint pain. Safe for kids to use. Simply place the jar or bottle you want to open inside the V-shape, twist, and presto! It's that easy.


HIGH-QUALITY STURDY & DURABLE DESIGN - Our jar opener is made from durable plastic with heavy duty steel teeth that will easily grip any jar as you twist it.


Suitable for any size jar, it is the perfect must have jar gripper tool for seniors with arthritis and those with weak hands. Better than rubber jar opener grippers, our opener can help you easily loosen tamper-proof, vacuum-sealed lids and those with even smooth edges.