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Ginger Detox FootPads

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Function – This patch promotes healthy body detoxification, helps prevent fatigue, helps improve quality of sleep and activates cells in your entire body in order to promote wellness.

A health-focused foot patch that is mainly effective for the middle-aged population, to help them get rid of stress, relieve pain, and to help stay away from diseases during their time of rest.

Made High Quality – Sticks to your foot tightly so you could move freely while on-use. Worry no more about Anaphylaxis while using it.

Easy to Apply - Stick the foot pads firmly onto your feet before bed time. Allow the foot pads to absorb all the negative energy from your body within 6-8 hours. Remove it gently and see  the difference.

Benefits Include:

  1. Prevent the occurrence of chills, cold hands and feet and maintain body warmth.
  2. Relieve pain on Neck, Shoulders, Back and prevent Limb Fatigue
  3. Takes control of dreaming and relaxes mind before sleeping for a healthier sleep.
  4. Maintains healthy blood circulation making the skin look rosy and glowing.


Package included: 1/2 pack x Ginger Detox FootPads