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Lady BladderRelief CarePatch

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An overactive bladder is a condition where the bladder muscles contract uncontrollably and cause frequent urination, urgency to urinate, and inability to control urination.

Do you have overactive bladder? Refrain yourself from frequent bathroom breaks with our very own all-natural patch! Introducing the Lady BladderRelief CarePatch.

a SPECIAL ORGANIC PATCH that is made for WOMEN who are experiencing Bladder Over Activeness and WORKS EFFECTIVELY by RELAXING the DETRUSOR MUSCLE found in the WALL of the BLADDER. This SPECIFIC MUSCLE can sometimes CONTRACT TOO FREQUENTLY or even SPASM and leads to overactive bladder.

It can also HELP to BUILD UP PELVIC MUSCLES and PREVENTS INCONTENENCE or RELIEVES an existing condition. It PREVENTS you from having frequent trips to the bathroom. It also helps to REDUCE Bladder Leakage caused by Sneezing or Coughing.

This HERBAL PATCH can PROVIDE a DISCREET PROTECTION for when Light Bladder Leakage occurs regularly as it is FORMULATED with 100% ORGANIC ingredients which is SUPER SAFE and NON-TOXIC to body both internal and external.

Lady BladderRelief CarePatch  patch is super easy to use just patch it on your lower abdomen for 8 to 12 hours. It is RECOMMENDED to apply it during night time. It is SUITABLE for all women EXCEPT for Pregnant Women, Women with Open Wound or Rashes.

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