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Oil Protection Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner

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We will all agree that one of the best inventions of the 21st century is the AIR FRYER! Not only do they give you the crispy fried texture you love from deep-fried foods, but it healthily accomplishes this using very little, if any, oil.
Though, it is designed to be used alone, we have a special product that can PROTECT the bottom surface of your air fryer to reduce scratches on the machine, keep your food from sticking, and make the cleaning process even easier.
Introducing the Oil Protection Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner, a HIGH-QUALITY SET of PREMIUM PARCHMENT PAPER LINERS that is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to take good care of your air fryer while keeping your food dish fresh and crispy fried!
We GUARANTEE that it is FOOD GRADE making its SUPER SAFE for daily use. The materials used are all ECO-FRIENDLY, so you can dispose them easily without worrying about the environment.
This Air Fryer Liners is HEAT RESISTANT and can WITHSTAND temperatures up to 428°F and assures you that it has NO EFFECT on the food taste.
Oil Protection Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner is Non-Stick, Waterproof, Oilproof and can EFFECTIVELY KEEP food residue way from the fryer and make it as CLEAN as UNUSED which SAVES you Time and Effort!
Package included: 30/50/100 Pcs x Oil Protection Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner