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SwellFree BodyCleansing FootSoak Pods

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SwellFree BodyCleansing FootSoak Pods is a SUPER RELAXING FOOT BATH that is SPECIALLY FORMULATED and MADE to PROVIDE a CALMING LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE at the comfort of your home! 

This Foot Bath is SPECIALLY DESIGNED as an INDIVIDUAL PODS that will naturally burst into water for a convenient and mess free feet soaking. 

It is made of 100% ALL-NATURAL ingredients including the Ginger, Wormwood, Saffron, Ginseng, Cinnamon, Sichuan Peppercorn, and Lavender that are famously known for REMOVING BODY TOXINS and IMPROVES the BLOOD CIRCULATION making the BLOOD VEINS to FLOW EASILY that CAUSES you to HAVE a CALMED and HEALTHY BODY. 

By simply SOAKING your feet, it can also REDUCE ANXIETY for BETTER SLEEPING. It is also TRIED and TESTED that because of its ANTI-INFLAMMATION and DETOX CLEANSE BENEFITS, it can HELP you SLIM DOWN and LOSE WEIGHT naturally and healthily. 

It EFFECTIVELY REDUCES the SWELLING of Veins and Muscles and also MELTS the STRESS and TIREDNESS of the BODY making you FEEL RECHARGED for the NEXT DAY.

SwellFree BodyCleansing FootSoak Pods is VERY EASY to USE just PREPARE a BUCKET of WARM WATER and SOAK your FEET IN. It is RECOMMENDED to SOAK FEET for 30 to 60 MINUTES depending on the condition of your health needs. It is GUARANTEED to witness RAPID RESULT when used consistently. 

Product included:

1pack (10pcs) SwellFree BodyCleansing FootSoak Pods